Taweez-taweez amalyiat/taveez for every problem

what is taweez taveez tawiz

taweez is a form of magic amulet which is written on some physical thing,it may be a piece of paper,animal skin or any other material.the magician or the person who is writing the  taveez encloses the powers of his magical powers in that amulet for the desired results.taweez amliyat are basically done for the purpose of love,hate,wealth,money,order taking,and enemies.the magicians writes the names of spirits or the demons jinns and orders and the duties they have to carry ,and they are bound to do that work until the taweez is not destroyed or burnt.the taviz can be of quranic verses or in case of kala jadu names of shay ten and demon jinn.when the tawiz is sealed with wax or a string the entities are bound to do that work.

Types of taweez

taweez making is an art and requires knowledge like other arts and practices.it has to be learnt  before any body can write it successfully to produce the desired results ,as we all know knowledge is power so we have to learn the basic steps that how
to make a taveez successfullythat works and produces the desired results.So there are some basic steps which should be considered before writing it which are explained in details.

Taweez-taveez for all your problems.

1)taveez for love/marriage

2)taweez for wealth-momey

3)tawiz taweezat kala jadu

4) taviz-taveezat for various problems 

5)taveez amliyat hazrat

Taviz  free tawez hazrat ke bayan me:


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does they really work?

now the question many people ask is that do these talismans and things work ,so the answer is that there is a will power,concentration,and the power of the amal which is recited over the tilism .so they do work if these
things are present and any one could write them.and if you don't know the rules of writing it properly then it wont work ,just copying it from a book wont make it work .people just write them to sell the books and earn money and write such attractive  statements that the person in need buys that book and starts writing them without knowing the basic steps to write the tawiz which you can read in how to write it.

secondly the ones written in the books are fake just piece of rubbish
written to sell their books.the write things are mostly transferred from heart to heart,and frankly speaking if i hve a powerful one why would i share it for free but the ones i have given will give you the results if you write them with proper direction.be sure they will work as i mot shall it be.

thirdly the person to whom you are giving it shall have a pure belief
in you and he must be sure that it will work.


never drink any taveez until given by some trusted person because if it is written with some dirty material such as semen or menstrual blood it may enable the satanic jinn to enter your body and the symptoms of that are:

1)bad dreams
3)abdominal pain
4)pain in joints 
5)feeling sleepy and tired

if you think that you have any of the above problems then you can
check it and start the treatment.this is a simple method and you don't have to go to any amils for the cure if you can do it your self.