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Jinns – Part 1 Jan 23, 2009

  • They live with us
  • We have to learn how to protect self from them Attauysh
  • We have to learn how to live with them
  • Are Muslims mutaqeen, kafirs Muslims by name, some are yahood, some Christians.
  • Have their own goals to achieve and their own agenda
  • See you as a friend or an enemy.
  • Perform magic, sihr, example between husband and wife, on women so she cannot get married, and children, on wealthy people, on businesses.
  • One has to do an act of worship to shaytaan.
  • Depending on what level of Sahir one wants to be the worship to shaytaan will vary. The higher the level the more increased/severe the act has to be.
  • Act of worship to Shaytaan
- last for 40 to 70 days- like deliberately praying to Allah without wudu- act to disgrace Islam- use blood of menses / any unclean blood as ink to write the quran- recite Surah Rahman backwards- recite surah Fatiha backwards- commit adultery- sacrifice animals for Shaytaan
  • All these are acts of kufr.
  • Any one who learns magic become a Shaytaan
Jinns mentioned in the Quran
  • Allah referred to Jinn in different ways/ words
  • mentioned 92 times
  • Al Jan – 72 time
  • Ash Shaytaan – 62 times
  • Jinns / Shayateen 17 times
  • In Surah Rahman
  • There is a whole surah in the Quran regarding Jinns named Surah Jinn
Jinn will attach women more because
  • Women get scared easier
  • Not clean – easier target
  • Weak
Food of Jinns
  • When we say Bismillah on the bones we eat, these bones will come back full of flesh for the Muslims Jinn.
  • Droppings of our animals is food for their animals
  • Hadith – look up: Holy Prophet was sitting with some companions one day when he disappeared. They thought that someone kidnapped him or he is dead and that was the worst night for the companions. When the Holy Prophet came back he told them A call of the Jinn came to me and I went with them and recite Quran to them. The Sahaba asked ask if he spoke to them and he took them and show them their (the jinns) footprints and their fire from where they were sitting. The Jinns asked that they are travelling what can they eat and the prophet said the bones of what we eat, if we say Bismillah before we eat it, are food for them. Our animals’ droppings are for your (jinn) animals.
Where they come from?· Creation of Allah· Created from smokeless fireOur Relationship with Jinn
  • Shaitaan runs through the veins of mankind. They are the evil whisperers
  • They have access to us.
  • They know everything about us – what we think, our desires
  • They are always with us
  • Shaitaan is with us even at time of birth – the reason why a baby cry at birth is because shaitaan pinches or smack the newborn
  • Only 2 never touched/ pinched by Shaitaan – Prophet Isa / Jesus and his mother Maryam.
  • Shaitaan is even with us in our dreams when we sleep – evil/ bad dreams are from Shaitaan
Learning Magic – He is not of us (Muslims) – he who learns magic
  • Anyone who learns magic becomes a Shaitaan
  • Learning magic out of curiosity is kufr.
  • He is not of us (Muslims) – he who learns magic
  • Fortune telling using animals / objects / birds / stars is all kufr
  • Anyone who performed magic or has magic performed on them is not from us
  • Whoever comes to a fortune teller and believes in him he is a disbeliever – he has entered kufr.
  • Whoever goes to a fortune teller and disbelieves in him also has become a disbeliever
  • Anyone who goes to a Sahir/magician – even if he goes for someone else
  • Believing in Superstition
Magic· Magic is knowledge (ilm)· That which was revealed to the two angels Haroot and Marut· They (angels) will not teach it to man without telling them that it is kufr and they are a trial for mankind· But mankind learn magic – magic to separate husband and wife.· They will not harm anyone except by the permission of Allah· Allah allow this to happen as a test for allHoly Prophet affected by Jinns
  • There are ayas to recite to protect self from magic
  • When the Holy Prophet was affected by Sihr/magic, he would think that he did certain things that he did not do. For 30 days he was like this.
  • Hadith – Look up – One night Prophet was making dua when two men came to him and conversing – one asking questions and the other answering. Questions – What is happening? Sick with Sihr Who did it? And the hadith continues. These were two angels that came to tell him that he was affected by Jinn/magic and who did it and where to find it and what to do.
Beware of 7 evils
  • Shirk of Allah
  • Sihr /Magic
  • Killing innocent
  • Riba
  • Eating …….
  • Turning back in Jihad
  • Accusing innocent pure/chaste women that they commit evil acts.
Groups of Jinn – 3 Groups
  • Those that fly
  • Those that take the shape of animals
  • Those that live with us and move about – they do not live in one place
Communication with Jinn
  • Any communication with Jinn that requires you to bring them / call them to you is questionable
  • If the Jinn come voluntarily and help that is ok.
Jinn – What can they do?
  • They can kill you or harm you
  • Can cause any kind of sickness
To Treat
  • Very risky / dangerous to treat people who is affected
  • From the time you say /start treating people – you become the enemy of an entire nation of Jinns
  • First have to have increased Taqwa – Taqwa has to be of the highest level
  • Never commit a sin
  • Only have Allah to protect you
  • Jinns will attack you and all your loved ones – parents, wife, children etc. They will come after you and your family.
Jinns that attack Muslims are the ones that knows what they want – they do it for a reasonRukeya Shareeya – is like Medicine
  • Have to take medicine as prescribed or it will not work – same with Rukeeya
  • Longer one has the magic in them the stronger it will become and therefore requires stronger treatment
  • If person reading Quran is not strong with his Deen the Rukeeya will not work.

Part 2 – Jinns - Sihr/Magic Jan 30, 2009Sihr· Create animosity / hatred between husband and wife· Create love between two individuals that are Haram for each otherWhat will happen to someone who has Sihr
  • The Jinn will not allow them to sleep comfortable
  • They will not be able to have children – the Jinn will kill child before the child is born
  • A magician will appoint a jinn and told him to make sure so and so never gets married.
  • Every person that come to see individual for marriage – the jinn will make the person face appear ugly to that individual.
  • Jinn will tell you – don’t bother me and will say I am not leaving
  • Jinn will say “If I leave I am going to die”.
How to bring the Jinn? – Things a magician do1. Smoke – Dukhan
  • The person who wants the magic to be done to someone else will either bring the 2 people or tell the magician about the 2 people that he does not want to be together
  • Sahir / Magician will burn bad smelling stuff and jinn will appear and the Sahir will tell the jinn to keep the two people apart – instruct him what to do
  • Jinn love the dark – those who have jinn will always wants to be in dark place
  • Jinn sometimes comes as black dog – Hadith – all black dogs are shaitaan
2. Sacrifice
  • If a person does this you will know that he / she is a magician
  • Magician / Sahir will tell you to get a specific animal (e g. like an animal with one ears)
  • Sahir will either tell you to slaughter the animal and throw meat at a specific place or he will slaughter the animal.
  • The animal could be chicken, goat, bird – almost any kind.
  • As a muslim when you realize this is a magician / sahir – its haram to sit with this individual
3. Underground – Filthiest magician but most powerful
  • This is like a first class magician
  • Always committing sins – always fornicating
  • More sins commit the more jinn with help or assist the magician
  • They will tear pages of the quran in the shape of shoe and put it in their shoe and wear shoe to washroom
4. Impure Methods
  • He / Sahir must be impure
  • Write ayat of quran with some thing impure
  • This is just an introduction – magician has to do more evil act to get the jinn to work for them
5. Backward
  • Write quran backwards especially Surah Rahman
  • When Surah Rahman is written backwards it will reads “We as men taught Allah’ this is shirk and this is what the jinn wants you to do
6. Using the stars – Tanjeel7. Palm readers – Fortune tellers
  • Sometimes does this using a child and placing paper with squares on head
8. Trance – Remnants
  • Sahir will ask you to bring something that belongs to the person who the magic is to be done to – their hair, hijab, hat, clothes, or shoe etc.
  • They will use this to create magic on that person
The percentage of muslims in Toronto that have jinn is very high.How to recognise a Sahir / Magician1. Ask you for your name and your mother’s name – this is to strengthen the jinn within you2. He ask you to bring something that belongs to you or to the person3. Ask you to bring a certain animal4. Recite something that you do not understand – sound like Quran but it is not Quran – it is mixed with other stuff5. Write taweez – funny number, letters, triangle or pictures of dogs on square piece of paper.6. He may ask you to withdraw yourself from people for a period of time/days7. Ask you not to touch water for a period of time / days – this means you will remain unclean because you cannot make wudu, nor shower nor make istinga (washing after using washroom)- usually a Christian Jinn is involved in this case.8. Give you something and tell you to go and bury it someplace and forget it9. Give you paper to burn and to inhale smoke – the smoke is shaitaan if /when you inhale it you inhale the shaitaan10. If you enter and they tell you your name is so and so and your mother name and that you are from so and so country – they tell you all this without even talking or knowing you before – this means they are dealing with jinn.11. Write something for you and tell you to put it in water and then drink itIf you go to a person that does any of these things and believe in him you become a kafir.If you go to this person knowing that he does this kind of stuff you also become a kafir.Jinn – Part 3 – Symptoms of Jinn Possession – Feb 6, 2009Remember
  • Shaitaan is weak
  • We should not be afraid of Shaitaan
  • Shaitaan is more scared of us than we being scared of him
  • Put trust in Allah
  • As soon as you become afraid of Shaitaan – shaitaan will over power you
Symptoms of one who has JinnThese symptoms are based on experiences of people who deal with Jinn and Jinn possession. You may not find this in any Hadith.If you have 1 or a few of these symptoms this does not mean that you possess jinn.There are 3 ways1. Takes you over
  • Go directly to your brain and settled down. This is where they control the body from
2. Unless they are sent for a particular reason – may stay in stomach – causes pain but will return to brain sometimes to control body.3. Feel pain for short time – Jinn just passing through and want to bother you.Psychological Aspects / Symptoms1. Excessive was-wa-sa – excessive whispering about wife, husband or friend. Feel bad about other.2. Nervousness – never settled – always nervous (about what? You don’t know)3. Angry – always angry unnecessarily. Gets angry at almost anything / nothing – Little things irritate you. Should say “A-oo-zoo-bil-lah-hi-min-na-shaitaan-nir-ra-jeem”4. Absent mindedness – always day dreaming5. Forgetfulness – forgets a lot. You forget lots of things, all the time. Cannot memorize Quran6. Fear, anxiety, uneasiness about things. Feel something will go wrong but don’t know what7. Usually takes place between husband and wife. They have no interest in each other.This can happen at time of nikkah or engagement when person suddenly change his mind. Doesn’t like the person anymoreThis could be due to a jinn in love with that person.8. Staying in the washroom for a very long time- especially after everyone else is asleepMuslims should not have magazines in washroomPhysical Symptoms1. Chronic headache – if you have chronic headaches and you take Tylenol #3 or other pain killer and it doesn’t work. Nothing eases the pain2. Back pain – lower back pain – x-ray, or MRI done and it shows that nothing is wrong3. Any other body part always paining without a medical reason4. Excessive bleeding5. Stomach pain – Dr. cannot figure out reason for pain. Pain is there whether you eat or don’t eat.6. Numbness and tingling of body parts. Feeling of ants crawling on you7. Loosing sight, hearing or become paralyzed for no medical reason- could be temporary or permanent8. Pain during intimacy between husband and wife. Also muscle pain9. Increased heart beat for no reason10. Being clumsy all the time – drop things, try to make a statement and it doesn’t come out right11. Epilepsy – happens to mostly young people. Sometimes shaking or mumbling something12. Laziness13. Not be able to focus – not at school or on your job or with your homeworkTry to do something that was easy before but unable to do it now14. Disliking to be at home or a member of your home. Subtle change15. Feeling difficult to perform ibadah – cannot read Quran, don’t feel like praying.Cannot listen to Quran Cannot concentrate on Salaah16. Feel good to be with people who consume alcohol or people who do Haram things17. Sadness – for no reason18. Not being keen about your cleanliness19. Loneliness – don’t want to socialize. In own room – seclusionOnly use internet to communicate with the world20. Seeing something that is unreal – only that person can see and feel it eg. You see person next to you with feet like donkeys.21. Visit grave22. Feel very tired after performing ibadah, prayer. Feel drained outSpiritual Symptoms1. Feeling uncomfortable when the name of Allah is mentioned. Don’t like to hear Quran2. Completely avoid every act of worship but will watch T. V., play games etc.3. Sudden change in person behaviour4. Evil thoughts about Allah. Doubts – Does He exist? How do you know He exists? Did you talk to Him?Sleep Symptoms1. Having difficulty falling asleep2. Unusual concern just before go to bed / sleep3. Nightmares4. Strange feeling of someone pressing you down on chest. Very, very uncomfortable – want to move or scream but can’t. Very painful but cant scream or move5. Fearful dreams- but you cannot remember it6. See people in dreams with strange features – very short, very tall, very wide or very narrow7. See yourself falling from a higher point – fall from cliff or mountain8. Sleep walking9. Teeth grinding while sleeping10. Crying in dreams or something starting to laugh hysterically, or yawning or screaming11. Dream of being in cemetery or graveyard12. Dream of self walking in pool of blood13. See in dreams animals – cat, dog, camel, monkey, tiger, and/or elephant14. Dream see self going to church and hear ringing of bell – jinn is a ChristianHow to preform Exorcism?—will add soon inshalah

Sihr: Action performed by Shaytaan to show you unreal side of that act.Put in a world of illusions – see things that are unreal.To become a Sahir, Magician: