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safli amal جادوگرى, تعویزات, عملیات, کالا جادو اور کالم

عملیات کی دنیا 

Sifli amal magic.

Sifli amal magic.

Mu' meneen Brothers and Sisters,
As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. (May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you)
One of our brothers/sisters has asked this question:
I would like to ask a question. Please let me know. Is there "Sifli Amal". Actually many persons in this filed and an Aalim (Naqshbandi) told that my wife is suffering from "Sifli Amal". Her condition is :doesnot sleep in night. weakining day by day. remains silent. her heart beats are high in night and headache. She does not like to marry her daughter.
when a proposal for marriage comes she starts weeping. She does not like to take bath etc. etc.
Please let me know what should I do. Please note that she offers prayers take "tasbeeh" Zikar and Durood shareef.
(There may be some grammatical and spelling errors in the above statement. The forum does not change anything from questions, comments and statements received from our readers for circulation in confidentiality.)
Sifli amal magic
In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. We bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Muhammad (saws) is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers.
Your Question: Please let me know. Is there "Sifli Amal".
The term ‘Sifli’ literally means something which is absolutely low or evil, and the term ‘Amal’ means a deed or an act…thus literally the meaning of the term ‘Sifli Amal’ would mean an evil or low act. 
Although the term ‘Sifli Amal’ is itself self-invented and does not find any mention in Islamic ‘Fiqh’  or Jurisprudence, in some parts of Sout-East Asia, this term ‘Sifli Amal’ is normally associated with ‘magic’. 
Your Statement: Actually many persons in this filed and an Aalim (Naqshbandi) told that my wife is suffering from "Sifli Amal".
If one has a computer breakdown, would it be intelligence or wisdom to take the broken computer to the chemist???  To take a broken computer to a chemist for repairs is unwise in itself; but to top that and apply the remedy suggested by a chemist to repair a broken computer would be utter ignorance and foolhardy to say the least!
If one has a physical ailment, it is only prudent that one try to treat their ailment through the advice and treatment of a person qualified in the field of medicine.  Seeking the help of a ‘supposed’ religious priest or ‘moulvi’ for a physical ailment makes as much sense at taking a broken computer to a chemist! 
Your Question: Please let me know what should I do.
Allah Says in His Holy Quran Chapter 35 Surah Fatir verse 2:
2        What Allah out of His Mercy doth bestow on mankind there is none can withhold: what He doth withhold there is none can grant apart from Him: and He is the Exalted in Power Full of Wisdom.
Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 3 Surah Ale Imraan verse 160:
If Allah helps you none can overcome you: if He forsakes you who is there after that that can help you?  In Allah then let believers put their trust.
Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 6 Surah Anaam verse 17:
17      "If Allah touch thee with affliction none can remove it but He; if He touch thee with happiness He hath power over all things.
Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 33 Surah Ahzaab verse 3:
And put your trust in Allah Alone;  and enough is Allah as a Disposer of affairs.
Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 9 Surah Taubah verse 51:
Say: "Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us:  He is our Protector";  and on Allah let the believers put their trust.
Dear and beloved brother in Islam, we guarantee you in the Blessed Name of Allah Subhanah, the ‘Aalim’ or the ‘moulvi’, or his diagnosis of some ‘Sifli Amal’ has absolutely nothing, and we reiterate, absolutely nothing to do with the ailment or condition of your wife!  It is Allah Subhanah Alone Who afflicts whomsoever He Wills and Pleases to put in a trial; and it is Allah Subhanah Alone Who removes the afflictions of man whenever He Wills and Pleases to put an end to the period of trial.
Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 3656        Narrated by Abu Musa al-Ash'ari
The Prophet (saws) said, "There are three who will not enter Paradise: one who is addicted to wine, one who breaks ties of relationship, and one who believes in (the effects of) magic."
Beloved Brother, the first thing we, as believers, must understand that those who claim to do magic, or harm people in the ‘unseen’, and even those who claim to remove the magic, or remove the supposed ‘evil spell’ which they are supposedly cast under….such people and all their rites, rituals, charms, spells, and anti-dotes combined do not have the power to hurt or benefit anyone in the absolute least. No harm and no benefit can happen to the believer without the Will of Allah Subhanah.  If Allah does not will it, all the magicians and ‘moulvis’ of the world can get together and try their magic on someone, they cannot harm him in the least!; for Absolutely All Power and All Strength belongs to none save Allah Subhanah Alone!

Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 1019        Narrated by Abu Sa'id al-Khudri
The Prophet (saws) used to seek protection against the Jinn and the evil eye till Surahs al-Falaq and an-Naas were revealed. After they were revealed, he (saws) stuck to them and discarded everything beside them.
If one fears any evil from any quarter whatsoever, one should recite the Muawwidaat (113th Surah Al-Falaq and 114th Surah An-Naas) thus seeking refuge in the One and Only Lord Most High.  Allah is our witness brother, there is no other or better source of refuge or protection than in Allah Subhanah, the Lord of the Worlds.  After one has recited the Muawwidaat and remained constant in its recitation, one should know and believe with absolute conviction that they are under the refuge and protection of none other than Allah Subhanah, and no amount or combinations of Jinns, or magic doers, or evil-eyes,  or any harm can come towards them from any quarter.
Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 7.544         Narrated by Aisha
Allah's Messenger (saws) said, "No calamity befalls a Muslim but that Allah expiates some of his sins because of it, even though it were the prick he receives from a thorn."
Dear and beloved brother in Islam, rest absolutely assured that the condition of your wife is not the effect of someone’s magic or evil spell, etc., but it is an affliction and a trial from your Lord Most Majestic, Most Supreme and there are only two lawful things you can and should do when afflicted with any trial or affliction:
Seek every lawful ‘asbaab’ or way available to cure the affliction; thus if your wife has a physical ailment, you can and should approach a good qualified expert or doctor in the field of medicine and seek a remedy.
Remain constant in your supplications to your Lord Creator, and humbly beseech and implore Him and Him Alone to make the affliction of your wife easy for her, bestow upon her Mercy and Patience, and remove the affliction from her as soon as possible.
Allah is our witness brother, if one seeks to cure one’s affliction with a supposed remedy of the ‘unseen’ (charms, spells, taaweedh, amulets, minnat, ‘holy water’, etc.)….they would be guilty of the abomination of ‘shirk’ in the Sight of Allah Subhanah!
If one trusts, obeys, and follows the guidance and commands of Allah and His Messenger (saws),   one can be assured of never ever being misled;   but if one believes, obeys and follows any other guidance, other than that of Allah and His Messenger (saws), one can be assured of being led astray.  
Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allah’s Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me alone.  Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.

Your brother and well wisher in Islam,

safli ilm


Agar kisi badkar sifligar amil ka amal zaayen karna ho to ye amalkaray.aur khidmat e khalq ka sawab w nekiyan hasil karay.kyun k aksarsifligar logon ko parayshan karta hai.kisi ke karobar ko band kardaytahai to kahin miyan-biwi me larhay jagrhay karata hai to kisi pak damansharifa ko kisi badkar k chakkar me fasaa detaa hai.Aisa koi sifli amil ho to ye amal kar ke usay ek dam khali ek aam admiki tarha karday.uski barson ki mahnta pe paani phair de.Ye amal har tarha k sifli amil pe kam deta hai chahay nam ka musalmanho ya hindu yahoodi ho.Ye amal meine ab tak sirf ekmartba aazmaya hai.hua yun tha ki hamarayek hamdard bhai a.raheem scrapewalay pe ek nam k musalman sifligar nejadu kardiya.jab tabiyat bahot kharab hui to mere pas layen.Meine murshid k atta karda aamal w tarikay se elaj kia aur usko allahne shifa ata ki.par kuch din b,ad phir uspar sakht hamla hua.aur meinejald jald kaat kardi warna jaan ka zokhim tha.Ab muzay laga ki usko rokna parhayga warna kai bekasooron ko parayshan karayga.A.raheembhai ki biwi k zariye uss khabis amil ka estemalshuda banyanmangwaliyan aur uskay saray aamal zayen kardiyen.wo apni takt kho karpagal jaisa ho gayan aur khud bhi bimar ho gayan.Aj hamara gaon chhor kar chala gayan hai.Muzay laga ki ye amal share karna chahiyen kyun k agar kisi ne kia aurek sifligar ko bhi khali kardian to n janay kitnay afrad musibaton sebach jaenge.Ha,kisi pak amil k amal ko salab karnay me ye amal na estemalkaray.warna kai musibaton k shikar ho jaenge.Tarkeeb:Kisi tarha aur koi bhi tarikay se sifli amil ka pahna hua kapra jismayuska pasina laga ho,maslan,juba, shirt,banyan jo bhi mil sakay hasilkarlay aur uss kapray par jo meine nichay kalmaat likhay hai wo11 martba usskay kapray par likhay aur en kalmaat mubarak ko 11000martba parh kar kapray par dam karay.aur b,waqt e zawal es kapray kokabristan me dafan karday.chahay purani qabr me dafan karay yakabristan ki zameen me.b,fazlay khuda amal zaayen ho jaega.Amal karnay se pahlay 11martba aayetal kursi parhkar badan par phoonk lay.Kalmaat ye hai: YA QABIDU falan bin falan ka falan amal kabz karon bi-haqqi la-ilahaillallahul malikul haqqul mubeen

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جادوگرى کے الفاظ سے غيبى طور پر مفلى ارواح کا تعلق ہوتا ہے جب کوٴى کسى پر جادو کرتا ہے تو باطنى طور پر مفلى ارواح اثر انداز هوتى ہے جادو کے ذريعے
مياں بيوى ميں علحيدگى ڈالى جاسکتى ہے، کسى شخص کو بيمار کيا جاسکتا ہے۔ کاﻻ علم يا جادو سے انکار ممکن ہيں اس کے ذريعے مختلف عمليات اور چلے کاٹے جاتے ہيں۔ جن کے ذريعے دشمن کو تباہ و برباد کيا جاسکتا ہے۔ محبوب کو قبضے ميں ﻻنے کے ليے خاوند کو اپنے تابع کرنے کے ليے جو علم سب سے زيادہ مشہور ہے اس ميں ايک عمل کالے ماش کا آٹا لے کر اسے سفيد مرغ کے خون سے گونده کر پتلے بنا کر دريا کنارے دفن کرديے جاتے ہيں۔
يه عمليات زياده تر ويران جگہوں يا درياﺋوں کے کنارے کيے جاتے ہيں اگر آپ صبح سويرے راوى کنارے جاﺋيں تو آپ کو بہت سارے مرد عورتيں جوان بوڑهے مختلف عمليات و وظاﺋف کرتے نظر آﺋيں گے۔ کچه عورتيں تو قرآن پاک اور ديگر وظاﺋف پڑهتى نظر آﺋيں گى۔
اس کے عﻻوہ بعض لوگ کچه دوسرے عمليات کرتے بهى دکهاﺋى ديتے هيں۔ کچه لوگوں کو کاﻻ بکرا ذبح کرکے بہاتے بهى ديکها گيا ہے۔ جبکہ کچه لوگ پتلے بنا کر انہيں دريا ميں بہا رہے ہوتے ہيں يا انہيں زمين ميں دفن کررہے ہوتے ہيں۔


1) ager kisi ny khowab main pakhana deakha ho ya pishab deakha ho ya apna app ko ghosal khana main deakha hoo ya pakhana us ka jisam main laga dekha garaz yeah ka najis ko deakha ho khowab main.
2)sir main darad rehna
3)pora jisam main darad rehna .
4) sex ki khowahish barna yani sex ki talab main zayatee hona .
5) kamar aur ghordo main darad rehna .
6) galeez galeez paad ana .
7) jisam main agg mehsos hona.
8) pora jisam garam rehna aur nak aur mu se garam hawa nikal .
9) ankhe jalna aur lal rehna.
10)pishab aur pkhana bar bar ana .
11) dil tazz tazz darak na .
12 ) sans mushkel se ana aur sena main darad rehna .
13) chir chira ho jana .
14) face jo hai kala ho jana jitna saket jado ho ga otna he face kala ho ga .
15) pet main darad rehna aur dast jesa pkhana karna yani bad hazme walay .
16) face per danay nikal na.
17) face behanak ho jana .
18) dil main ghabrate hona .
19 ) bay sakone mehsos karna
20 ) sab kuch hona ka ba wajood na kush hona .
21) pet ka khaya piya gayab ho jana yani jo khaya tha wo ada ya 1 ganta main gayab phir bhook lagna lag jatee hai yani khana bar bar khana .
22) namaz se door aur allah se nafrate karna aur bora bala kehna dil main yeah was wasa hota hai
23) galah kharab rehna aur voice quality be
24) khowab main darna aur ajeeb ajeeb dorona khowab deakna kabe makre kabe sanap kabe chopkali aur lal bake .
25) dil main ajeeb se khof hona aur dar be.
26) jisam main soheya chub na.
27 meda main dard rehna aur matli ki shekayat rehan .
28) kahely aur dehla ho jana yani nikama ho jana aur khoob sona dair dair tak .
29) demage ka theek kam nahi karna kisi cheez ka jaga per rakha kar bhool jana aur phir baad main doond ta rehna yadasht ka kamzoor ho jana pasa ka lan dan main pasa zada de dena
30) apna app se nafrate karna .
31)  ankho ka samna blue ya ping colour daba nazar ana ya phir lines nazar ana ajeeb see
32) belawaja ki zada thakan hona
33) quran perna se ya suna se jisam main darad ya takleef hona
34) sena main jalan or tazabiyat hona
35 bar bar ahtalam hona mard ko
36 jisam ki ragee kich na jisam ka parakhna
37 hath payer sun ho jana
38 sir main dana nikal na
39 pishab main bohat tazz badbu ana
40 pakhana bohat zada badbu dar ana
41 jisam main sarde lagna
42 payro main dard rehna
43 khoweb main kuta deak na or morde deak na or bicho
44 din ba din sookte jana
45 madicine asar na karna ya phir kabe kabe start main madicine asar karte hai or us ka baad wohe madicine nooksan pouchate hai ya phir shoro main faida hota hai us ka baad nahi hota
46 zina deak na khoweb main khoweb main larki or larka ko sex karta howa deak na ya nanga deak na
47 jisam bhare hona ya sir bhare ya kanda bare hona
Her jado ki takleefat ki pachan alag hotee hai jasa jado kiya hota hai us ki wase he pachan hotee hai laken yeah alamat be hotee hai jo mana uper likhi hai .abb yeah jadogar ka uper hai ka wo banda ko kaun se takleef dena chata hai for example:

Wo kisi larki ki izat kharab karna chata hai aur us ka ma baap ka mu kala karna chata hai taka wo masharay main zalil ho .to wo you kareen ga ka us larke ki sex power bara de ga yani hawas bara dega aur demage per control kareen ga apna jado se. sex ka was wasa dala ga phir dil ko sex ki taraf oksahe ga .jisam ko garam karde ga taka hot rahe larke .us ka baad demage ki sochna ki salaheyatee band karde ga yani demage per bandish karee ga .us ka baad namaz aur quaran se door karee ga q k namaz aur quaran se jado kaat jata hai
Yeah hota hai sex ka jado yeah hasad main kiya jata hai ya kisi ko be randi banana ka liya kiya jata hai is jado main larki ka demage kam nahi karta us ka zahan main bus 1 he baat atee rehtee hai ka bus sex karna hai us ka demage main marad ki sex ki cheeze nazar atee hai aur us ko belkul samjh nahi ata yeah ho kya raha hai us ka under ki hawas bar choki hotee hai chaha wo kuch be karlay laken khatam nahi hotee us ka dil be us ko oksa raha hota hai akhir kar wo kisi na kisi se sex karlatee hai kio ka us per yeah tamam kam jado se kiya hota hai.

Boht sare log yeah kehta hai ka jado quaran pak se nahi kaat ta aur un ka yeah man na hai ka loha ko loha he kaat ta hai laken yeah galat hai ager kisi per se jado nahi kaat raha to us ki kuch waja hotee hai yeah zaroore nahi ka app jado sirf 4 qul se kaat rahe hai. jesa doctor her bemare ka liya alag medicine deta hai wo her bemare ka liya sirf panadol he use nahi karta .ishe tarah jado ki condition pehala maloom karni partee hai phir us ka baad is ko souratee se kaatna parta hai her sourate ka alag fawahid hai yeah zaroore nahi ka 4 qul he tamam kisam ka jado ko katay gA.

Wese to jadu ki be-shumar qismien hain magar jadu ki 10 qismien boht mashhoor hain :



Is qisam ke jadu me khawond biwi, maa beta, baap beta, bhai bhai ya 2 dosto aur shareeko me judai, bughz aur nafrat paida kardi jata hai. Is qisam ka jadu karane keliye hasid dushman sufli aamil se jadu karwate hain. Sufli amil matlo0ba afrad ke naam se mukhtalif tareeko se jadu ka amal tayar karta hai aur jin afrad me judai paida karni hoti hai unke istemal ki koi cheez masalan tasweer, kapra ya balo per amal kar ke unki guzar gah mein ya qabrustan me dafun karwaya jata hai. Agar aisa mumkin na ho to phir pani per jadu ka amal kar ke raste me phaink dia jata hai Ya khane peene ki cheezo per jadu ka amal parh kar matlo0ba afrad ko khila di jati hain to iske asarat shuru hojate hain.


1- Achanak halat aise badal jate hain ke apas me mohabbat karne wale aik do0sre se nafrat karne lagte hain.
2- Dono aik do0sre pe shuk karna shuru kar dete hain.
3- Aik do0sre ki excuse qabool nahi karte.
4- mamuli baato pe larna.
5- miyan biwi aik do0sre ko budsurat lagne lagte hain.
6- apne sathi ke har kam ko bura samajhna etc etc 


Jesa ke naam se zahir hai andhi mohabbat paida karne keliye kia jata hai ta ke jiss pe karwaya jayd uska deewana bun jaye aur her jaiz na jaiz baat maane.Miyan biwi me jub jhagra hota hai to auratien sufli amil se mohabbat ka jadu karati hain aur baz awqat khawond bhi karate hain.Amil matlo0ba shaks ka pasine ki bu wala kapra ya deegar istimal ki cheezien mangwa kar unke namo ke mutabiq jadu ka amal karta hai.khane peene ki ashia me mila kar khilaya jata hai.Jadu ka amal aksar ghaleez gandi cheezo per kia jata hai jin me najasat aur khoon e haiz naiz insan ka mada manawia bhi shamil
hai.Insani baal nakhun ko bhi istimal hota hai.kabi shaitani arwah se bhi ye amal karaya jata hai.


1- jiss per kia jaye karane wale se be inteha ishq karta hai.
2- kasrat e jama ki khuwahish.
3- besabri yani jis per kiya jaye karane wale ki judai aik pal bhi gawara nahi karta
4- har waqt aik do0sre ko dekhte rehne ka shoq.
5- har waqt andhi ita’at.


Is qisam ke jadu se jiss per jadu kia jata hai uske dil me waswase paida hote rehte hain aur khayalat badalte rehte hain aur khayali so0ratien nazar aati hain.


1- tehri huwi cheez harkat karti nazar aana
2- bari cheez choti aur choti bari nazar aana
3- khofnak shaklain dekhna
4- kisi andekhi cheez ka apne sath hone ka ehsas hona etc


Is qisam ke jadu se jiss per jadu kia jaye hawas bakhta aur pagal hojata hai. Sufli jadugar iskeliye matlo0ba fard per koi shaitani quwat musalat kar deta hai ya dushman ka putla bana kar us per amal karta hai aur usko qabrustan ya matluba shaks ke raaste me dafun karwaya jata hai.


1- harwaqt pareshan rehna
2- mamuli haklana
3- boht dair tak ankhien khole sochte rehna.
4- kisi aik jagah pe zyada dare tak na bethna.
5- quwat iradi khatam hona
6- apna khayal na rakhna, ganda rehna, kapre na budalna


Is jadu se joro me dard kamzori aur susti paida ki jati hai.


1- akele tanha rehna
2- khayalo me gum rehna
3- kisi se baat na karna
4- sust be hiss pare rehna
5- jism aur joro me dard kund zehn hojana logo ke rush se do0r rehna. 


Is jadu me matlo0ba shaks ki taraf arwah bhji jati hain jo ussay awaz ya doosre zarae se takhleef pohanchati hain. 


1- pareshan, khaufnak aur drawne khuwab dekhna.
2- khuwab me kisi shaks ka bulana.
3- jagte me awazien sunai dena magar bolne wala nazar nahi aata.
4- qareeb se kisi ke guzarne ki awaz.
5- apne jism me kisi ka cho0na mehso0s hona.
6- apne aziz aur dosto pe shuk karna.
7- khuwab me kisi oonchi jagah se girna. Agar ye jadu purana hojaye to junoon ka jadu bun jata hai. 


Is jadu se matlo0ba shaks per sufli amal kar ke mukhtalif beemario me mubtala kiya jata hai. Iss maqsad keliye jadugar matluba shaks ka putla bana kar jism k kisi hisi me amal kar k keel ya kaante laga deta hai phir qabrustan ya kisi wairan jagah ya aag k qareeb dafan kar deta hai jiski wajah se woh shaks beemar hojata hai.khilane pilane aur arwah e khabeesa bhi istemal ki jati hain.


1- dawa maraz per asar nahi karti.
2- jism k kisi hisay me mustaqil dard.
3- poore jism me dard hona.
4- pait kharab hona.
5- hawas khamsa me se kisi aik ka nakara hojana


Kala Jadoo in Pakistan and Jinn

kala jadu ka quran se tor

Source : Daily Express

kala jadu ka tor quran se

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قرآن کے ذریعے جادو کا علاج   
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انسان اور شیطان
Insaan Aur Shaitan

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Arrogance of Satan
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