The meaning of the word jinn:
jinn is a specie that lives on the earth with the humans and cant bee seen with a human eye.the common thing between jinn and humans is that both have the will to choose the path of life.the basic meaning of the word jinn is (unseen).the jinn are made from flame of the fire and are living on this earth in millions.they also eat drink sleep and have marriages like we do and have children,they live in tribes and as colonies and have their own territories,they also are born and die but their young one gets to an age 100 then they again get young and then when they again get old they die,they also have pets like we do and animals to do work for them.they can fly in the air and have very strong powers.

Satan the father of jinn :
Satan is said to be the father of all the jinn but before he was named as Satan he was the most close to the god and used to worship him as much as he can and had command all over the jinn and seventh heaven but when he felt on earth with man he became the god of this world and the one who looks for power fame and money shall make a pact with the devil.

types of jinn :


In Arabic the word Satan means wicked and very powerful genie with a free will and very intelligent inferior being who can harm anyone any where by unseen means and are reside in dirty and unholy places love whiskey naked women and men and music plus gambling and help their worshipers .


these kind of jinat are evil spirits which wander in the deserts and in different barren places to haunt man and some times to make him loose his direction ,they can change there faces and their appearance to any form they want and are only found in vacant and barren areas such as forests and open landscapes.


In the land of hijaz a name of a forest was abquary and it was very famous that it was occupied by ghosts ,spirits,and genie. These creatures were highly intelligent in nature and had lot of abilities which made them so special.they were famous for building and jewelry,talismans,and charms.

4.afreet  :

the specie of the jinni which in Hindi is known as deuo is known as afreet in arabic,and it also have appeared in quran in Surat namal  ,so these jinn are very powerful and can be very dangerous and an afreet was a member of king Solomon parliament and this fact is very well known and the concept is derived from the verses of the quran ,and they have powers to bring any thing from any where like in sura namal he brought the stage of queen to the king Solomon in a wink of an eye.


aseeb are the types of jinni that occupies the home of human being which are vacant from a long time,then if some human comes to live their they haunt them in different was so they shall leave the house.in these kind of houses they are often seen by people and different sort of activities are  observed in order to haunt the person living over their shall leave and if he does not leave they can also harm him and his children physically.

6.sar kata :

sar kata are the kind of jinnat or spirit which are evil spirit of dead known as the hamzad of dead and they also appear in very terrifying appearance and try to harm humans ,they are the one known as ghosts.

meaning of jinn possession:
types of possession of jinnat:
symptoms of jinni possessing:
treatment of genie possessed:

.spirits and demons of goetia :

these are the satanic demons which help people in black magic and can be very friendly when Satan is worshiped .these are 72 kings and gods of the book of king Solomon and come to help when they are invoked with respect and are worshiped.they are very powerful and can solve any problem in a wink of an eye. if you want to learn how to summon them there is a short course of 1 week in which you can learn how to summon them and how to make them do work for you but you have to worship Satan and believe that there is no other god but satan.then it opens the door of black magic and the world of jinnns for you.