love perfume

perfume for love:

This is a sifli amal ,it is very famous and with 100% results ,its for bringing your love back or to attract any person .you just have to apply a little bit of perfume before going to the desired person and as soon as the smell reaches his nose getting into the brain he/she will fallm in love.

How to make love perfume:

The ritual or the amal for making love perfume is of 21 days starting from new moons Thursday and have to be done along side a lake ,river,or a pond and has to be recited 100 times daily ,same time and same place .

ingredients needed:

1)a bottle of oil perfume 
2) burning incense

guarantees :

This is a guarantee that this perfume will work 100 percent and  your time and money wont be wasted.
contact me for full ritual and the connection(ijazet) plus some things may try to scare you during the ritual but it would just be illusions nothing in real.