permanent breast enlargment soloution

tawiz &touna for permanent breast enlargement  :

this is a guaranteed tilisam for breast growth and permanent enlargement and is a very effective .after this you don't need any medicine or creams for this purpose and the size is doubled than the original. this also eliminates the need of any kind of surgery and is an old magical remedy for breast enlargement.breast enlargement gif Foods to extend breast size don’t actually work on to increase cup size but instead bound foods help to upset hormonal imbalances, viewed as the reason for under-developed breasts. The fundamental measure of breast growth is throughout adolescence and physiological condition when steroid levels square measure elevated in the body.

list of things you need  :

1) olive oil

2) wooden bowl

3) tilisams

how to use:

the tilisams shall be written daily and put into the olive oil in the wooden bowl and leave it for 5-6 hours,then at night that oil shall be applied and washed in the morning with normal tap 21 days the task of the double the size of the origional is achived with 

the price of this tilisam is 5000 pk/rs