kali devi-mantra

kali devi /lilith goddess:

jai kali ma!!!

kali devi or goddess lilith are the same thing and is the daughter of satan and has a very powerful jin behind it.when the magician does kalis ritual the jinn behind it comes into action and comes to help the magici.an or the one casting the spell or doing the ritual.kalis picture shall be printed on photo paper and pasted in front while doing the ritual.

The things kali devi loves:

kali devi jinn loves the most is the blood sacrifice and the offering for lilith in the ritual is blood and semen .if an offering of  a black goat is given before the kalis ritual it comes very quickly and after every work demands a sacrifice.

The other thing that should be kept in mind is burning butter google and til mixed together on coal after each 100 times the mantra is recited,a good incense shall also be burnt while chanting the mantra.and should be recited 365 times.

kali devi also likes a sprinkle of whiskey or wine after the ritual is finished on the burning coal.

kali devi mantra as given to me by the ustad:

kali kali mha kali indra ke bete brahma ke sali
khae pan bajae tali tera wachan na gi khale adam
sudham fahreeng kali devi suutlan jo me khao wo
ker ke lai jaldi se hazir ho ji jo mera itna kam na ker ke lie to shansha iblees ke khoon se nahawe.

the time and place shall be fixed and the time for starting the ritual is 12.00 o clock and the bhent or offering shall be made before starting the ritual.


this ritual shall be done by permission of your ustad or your teacher and not to be done by children or people under 16 years of age .