writing taweez hours of the day

the second important factor hours of the day for writting the taweez taveez

  • morning time: for love
  • mid of the day:for wealth rizq
  • zuhar prayers:for cure from deseises 
  • between zuhar and asar :for enemies 
  • after isha :for zaban bandi 
while writing the taweez you shall also consider that which planet is ruling the sun and which hour of the day is sutible for writing your desired taveez.
the following chart shows you the timings.

The Twelve divisions of the planetary hours of the day for a week 

as the sun rises the first planetary hours start and then remains for almost one hour.


  • zahel:for love and wealth
  • mushtary: for love and friendship
  • mareekh:  for revenge from your enemy
  • shams:      for meeting people releationship 
  • zuhara :    any work
  • atarat:      for hunting animals
  • qamar:     dont do anything
  • zahil :      to kill your enemy
  • mushtry:  do anything you want
  • mareekh: for negative amals
  • zuhara:    love and lus
  • shams:     for wealth  
  • sunday
  • shams : for love
  • zuhra:   do not write any tawiz
  • atarat:   love taweez and travelling 
  • qamar:  for seperation and divorce
  • zahil:     kill your enemy
  • mushtry: wealth tawiz for wealth money
  • marikh:   dont write any taveez
  • shams:    write any positive one
  • zuhra:     love and lust
  • atarat:     any thing posotive
  • qamar :   negative tawiz
  • zahil :      separation divorce 
  • qamar: love ,lust,
  • zahil:   travelling
  • mushtry: love marriage taweez
  • mareekh: binding spells,kill your enemy spells tawiz
  • shams :   zaban bandi,
  • zuhra:     positive taveez
  • atarat:     any tawiiz
  • qamar:    marriage and love taviz
  • zahil:      enemy ,separation,divorce taweiz
  • mushtry: posotive 
  • marakeh : divorce


  • mareekh :negative ,enemy separation
  •  shams:   dont do anything
  • zuhra:    love marriage love tavez
  • atarat:    wealth buisness
  • qamar:   negative
  • zahil :     cure from diseases 
  • mushtry: love lovers taweez
  • mareekh: killing your enemy 
  • shms:      marriage love bond releationship
  • zhura:      dont do anything
  • atarat:     travelling trade
  • qamar:    separation divorce kill your enemy   

  • atarat: love and lust
  • qammar: don't write anything
  • zahil:      enemy kill destroy
  • mushtryy: do or write anything
  • mareekh:  negative dark side
  • shams:     travelling goodluck
  • zuhraa:   lust for lovers
  • atarat:    cure for children
  • qamar:  divorcing amaliyat
  • zahiil:   wealthy business
  • mushtary: positive feed back
  • marikah:  shar fitna fasad


  • mushtry :rizq
  • mareeekh: dushman se badla
  • shumms: taskheer o mubhat
  • zuhara:    shadi payar amliyat
  • aturat:    nikkah ka taweez
  • qamar : safar 
  • zahil: start anything new taviiz
  • mushtry: any good work
  • marikuh: meeting new people
  • shams: business deals taweez
  • zahra:  muhhbat o ulfat ka taweez
  • atarat: no love or lust tawiz


  • zuharra: shadi magni ka tawiz
  • atarrat:   her kisim ka taveez
  • qamar:   kuch na keren
  • zhial:      make buildings constructions
  • mushtury: aurton aur larkion ke taskheer
  • shammas: qaza e hajat tawiz
  • zahurra: nikkah aur shadi
  • attrrit:    kuch bhi kero
  • qamar:  judai aur halaqat
  • zahhil:  bughs o adawat
  • mushhtry:her kam ke lie
  • mareekh: safar ka taweez

these factors shall be considered in details while you are writing the taweez the following chart will give you a more clear view:


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