the moon phases for writing the taweez/time of writting the taweez

This is an important factor while writing the taweez

as we all know that the moon starts waning from the first till fifteenth means its light increases from the first day till the fifteenth day and then it starts waxing from the fifteenth till the end of the month means that its light reduces from fifteenth on wards.
So the different types of taweez are to be written on different dates for the best result or otherwise you can get a reverse effect .here is the table in this picture which shows you that which kind of tawiz to be written on which date and for what pourpose.

now these dates shows all the information about 
that on which day which tawiz shall be written
and for what purpose it shall be you
shall always consider this rule in writing the taweez
so you should have your desired results.if you
have any questions just email me.