taweez material used in writting

pen for taweez are written using the follwing instructions

pen can be used to write the taweezat but it is much better to write them with wooden stem pen like items,the wooden stems are peeled like a pen needle and the following wood pens are used for this purpose:

1)for love and positive taweez: 

  • mango tree wood
  • anar tree wood
  • apple tree wood
  • sandal wood 
  • uoodh wood
  • safroon 

2)for negitive tawiezat
  • neem
  • lemon
  • kirar
  • aak
  • peaple
if you are making the taweez for love or some positive things then peel it towards you and if you are writing it for negative purpose then peel it in the opposite direction. 
plus if u are making a taveez for love and friendship or wealth make the pen when its mushtary or zuhara,and if you are making it for destruction or for defeating your enemies then make the pen of art in mareekh .


the ink for writting the tawiz for love ,marriage,nikkah,and othe positive means are written with saffron,mushk,musk,gulb,motia,or chambali.the ink for writting the taveez for negitive means is to be written with vinigar,salt water,coal.


white and yellow and green are used for love and positive ones and red and black are used for 
negitive ones.