quranic taweez-taweezat from quran

Taweez Taveez made from quranic verses

taweez or taweezat whic are made from quranic verses or using quranic verses and names of anglessuch as jibrael michael israfel izrael are known as quranic tavizat.there are two types of them

  • taweezat in arabic transcript
  • taweez in numerical form
the taweez written from quran are either in the form of words from the ayats or from the 99 names of Allah ,then they are
also powered by the names of spirits and angles known as noorani or noori mokel .rhese mokals are given the directions by the powers of the quranic verses and given different orders to the type of order that angle has power on..

in the second case the taviz with numeric values is derived from the physical value of the numbers when they are added together to get the desired result.in this case the numerical value of the name of the target and the name of the both person and the verb plus the quranic  ayats  or allah names numerical values are calculated and put in the taweez or the boxex wich can be from 3 to 9 or 16 and so on.

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