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kala jadu taweez-taweezat

kala ilm tawiz-taweezat:

kalajadu ke taweezat wo han jin me shayatan se madad le jati ha ya pher  me likha un ko napaki ke halat me likha jata ha.
:black magic taweezat are those which are writen in an impure state and is done with the help od satanic demons and spirits.

1)for love and lust:

ye kala jadu ka tawiz aflatoon jadoger se mansoob ha aur is ka tareeqa ye ha ke is ko flita bna ker 7 din tak chambali ke oil me die me jalie aur rooz thoori der is ke samne bheta rahe per shart ye ha ke chargh 7 din tak musalsal jlta rahe aur bujhe na.
:this is a black magic tilisam for love and lust and pull your lover back ,burn this in a lamp with jasmine oil and it should continuously burn for seven days and you should sit in front of it for15 minutes daily.

2)for lost love kala ilm tawiz:

is tilisam ko likhe aur kali murge ke ande me dal ker upper se sabat kali mirch bhar de aur aag per
rakh de jab taweez ko garmi paunche ge to mehboob beqarar ho ker hazer ho ji ga

:this is a very powerful tilisam for love and lust and get your lover back ,this has to be written and then put in an egg of black hen.then the egg shall be filled with black peper and coverd with mud to close the hole with the mud .put the egg in a mud pot near the fire .it will cause a burning love in your lovers heart.

for attracting for your lover 

ye naqush kale ilm o jadu k qadeem naqush ha is ko kagaz per likhe aur kisi phaldar dhrakht ke saath
band de ta ke hawa se hilta rahe.mehboob beqrar
ho ker hazer ho ji ga.
:write this tlisam on a paper and bind it with wax and then put it on some fruitful tree so it shall be free to move with the wind.it will for sure bring your lover back to you.

satanic taveez for lust:
the details can be obtained by email.it is very effective taweeez to bring your love back in 24 hours.