kala jadu and black maegic taweez-tawiz

black arts taweezat or tveezat

kala jadu taweez are written in impure state means napaki ke halat me ,and after doing  sin which satan loves,it could be any kind of big sins which are prohibited in islam.the more bigger the sin is the more effective the taweez will be because it is done by the help of shay- teen or the devil.the kala jadoger first commits the sin and then writes the taweez and the names of demos or so calles satanic jinns which very quickly then fulfill the orders of the black magic master.

Types of kala jadu taweez 


tilisam or tlisaman is a form of kalajadu taweez in
which pictures of the victim and the demons and the jinns are made to make them follow the orders of the magician.

kallajado taweez with names of demons jin

these kind of taweezat contains the names of the devil jinns or shayteens which are commanded with the authority of devil god iblees of the dark side and their names are then written to give them the order for the desired results .these kind are also written in an impure  state.many taweez of black magic needs an animal sacrifice before they can be written to achive the desired results.and devil jinn likes black colour so most of the animal used in black magic are of black colour.
these kalajadu taweez are very fast working as they have devil jinns associated with them and works within 72 hours .