taweez for love marriage

taweez is a form of energies which are converted into a tlisam and capturedinto some sort of  physical amulet so called the taweez .there are many factors which should be considered 
before writing the taweez and make it work ,either it is taweez for love taweez for wealth or marriage or 
even to kill an enemy,just copying the tilisam from the book and writing it wont make it work 

To make a taweez work one should consider the hours of moon and the sun phases and shall have
full command over the study of moon phases and the 24 divisions of different position of the ruling
stars ,plus the power of concentration and will behind when the taweez is written ,other thing that
should be considered is that with what material the tilisam is written with ,like if its love tilisam it should be
written with saffron and if its an amulet for death it should me written with coal and lime and other materials
like black pepper nails kind of stuff used in it.
now here is the love taweez it has to be written on new moons first Sunday after the sun rise with saffron
and a pen made from the wood of sandal tree or any sweet fruit bearing tree with your face towards 
Kaaba and your love taweez guarantee works.