Love Amal

love amal for lovers that works

this is a very strong amal for love and the best ritual to get your lover back in one day,this amal is for lovers and has been tested by lot of people for love ,the best thing about this love amal is that it can bring your lover
back in 24 hours but can be done by a person for him self not for others.

ingredients for love amal

  • jund or jundi (a wood ) you need 6 -7-kg
  • agarbati(incense)
  • a pot of mud
  • matchbox or lighter
  • papers
  • picture of the target
  • name and her/his mothers name

amal for loverslove mantra

das mata das pita das beer battal aur re kali nagni flani ko ga laag jese kari kaman ka teer jese bundooq ke goli jab tak dheke hamra mukh tab tak na pi chain o sukh......................

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