black magic removal

How To Remove Black Magic

you might have come here if you are a victim of black magic and have an symptoms which has been 

discussed before in my post then 

you have come to the right place.the first  thing you have to understand is that you have to be 

diagnosed before any treatment that weather you are suffering from black magic or not,second 

what kind of black magic are you suffering from ,many people ask that can black magic be removed ?

yes cure to black magic is there.

How To Check That You Have Been Cursed By Black Magic 

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first take a glass of water and put it in front of you ,be sure to take a fresh bath before that ,

then sit facing towards Kaaba and recite following Surat's of quran  in the following manner.

1) one time druid sharif  and blow in the water

2)10 times sura fatiha and blow in water

3)10 -10 times last four quals and blow 4 times in water

4)10 times ayatul kursi and blow it in water

5)1 time again druid sharif and blow in water

symptoms of black magic

drink the water ,if the taste of water is sour or tastes bad then you are victim of black magic

and if water taste is normal then you have some medical problem not magic.

Free Black Magic Removal 

now when it is confirmed that you are a victim of black magic curse,or black magic spells,voodo spells

death spell then use the following method to completely remove the black magic:

first decide one time and one place after isha prayer and recite sura jinn 3 times and create a protection

circle with a knife or a stick .now recite sura baqara one time and as you read each of the page blow

it in a 1 liter water bottle kept before with you .now when you finish this process sprinkle little water

on each four sides right,left,front,back and you are done now you can stand up and use that water

while drinking cocking bathing till next day .repeat this procedure till 21 days and you will be free

from any kind of magic, black magic,hexes,or curses.

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