Black magic specialist in pakistan

Black magic specialist in pakistan:

In pakistan large number of people believe in black magic and often look for it as a solution to their problems.The trend and believe in magic is growing day by day as people believe that  black magic and satanic forces are the most powerful and they will get their desire come true for sure.As the demand for magic is increasing ,the mumber of people claiming to be specialist in magic is also increasing day by day leading to fake people who are grabbing money from people and misleading them without any results.But the strange thing is that people in Pakistan give their presious savings to these people without inquiring weather they know something or not and without getting the knowledge that weather the person they are visiting or hiring for their work knows anything or not and what is his background.Thus they suffer from mental and financial loss.So no one to blame but the people their self for their foolishness.There are some genuine black magic specialist in Pakistan but very few and hard to find and its hard to find expert black magic services.


The culture of black magic is very old before partition of Pakistan and also have the influence of Indian culture of mantras and   different gods for getting the desired wishes come true.So this clulture and beliefs grew stronger and stronger day by day and people started to take help of black magic when their wishes were not being fulfiled by prayers and duas.The other big factor in growth of black magic practice are the desguised form of sufism and mazars where people go and ask dead people for fulfilment of their needs.They get wristbands made of thread and belive that it will grant them their wishes.They also get other different karas bands made of steel for the same pourpose.All these things lead to disbeleif in allah and promotes black magic practices in pakistan.And mostly people started to find black magic services for solutions to their problems.

Reality Of Black Magic:

This is a materialistic world and since the birth of mankind there have been two types of forces good and evil in the spiritual world.
Good forces are the forces which are associated with angles and are raised through praying to god and verses from his book but on the other hand side negative or  black mass forces are brought into power by negative energies and by worshiping lord satan.Black magic is used both for love and hate,posotive and negitive things can be done by black magic and satanic forces helps a person very quickly.

As the god is above the 7 heavens and the skies and the system of light and angles are working accordingly vice versa the flawless kingdom of satan lies over the river and he commands his army from there.So the black magic specialist do the dark rituals to conjure the master satan in order to take favours from the satanic jinns in order to perform the black magic.The power of black magic comes into power when a human and jinn works together.

Black magic is used for both the positive and negative tasks by the black magic specialist for himself or for the people coming to him for their desires and wishes come true.For this purpose the person who wants to do black magic has to worship satan and ask him to give him power of black magic and jinns.He also have to sacrifice in the name of satan as muslims spiritual healers sacrifice in the name of god.So its wrong to say that black magic is a negitive art and used to destroy people.It can also be used for good gaining wealth love money prosperity and happiness.

On the other hand black magic can also cause terrible destruction of a person by making him sick ,taking his wealth away,divorce of married couples,permanent disability and even killing a person to death.Black magic is done by jinns and unseen creatures so a person affected can not find the cause of his illness and destruction and can lead to a unknown death.

Can Black Magic Effect Any One?
Lot of people ask that can anyone be effected by black magic ?The answers is yes but it effects each person in a different way and for the quick reference our prophet p.b.u.h ,if he can be effected and be a victim of black magic then we can realize the fact that any one can be a victim but on different levels.So if you feel any symptoms of black magic you shall immediately take help of the black magic specialist or proffesional black magic services.

Types of black magic practiced in pakistan 

1.kala jadu magic

2.sifli jadoo magic

3.Black Magic Taweez

Popular cities of pakistan where black magic is practiced

1.Lahore    6.Muzaffarabad
2.Karachi   7.Balochistan
3.multan     8.Hunza Gilgit
4.jehlum     9.Haripur
5.sawat       10.Kalam

Popular terms used for black magic specialist in pakistan


.Amil Baba

.Peer ji

.Black magic specialist

.Molvi jee\


Various ways of advertizment of black magic in pakistan

. newspaper advertisement
. Phamlets 
 .word of mouth

So infact lot of black magic specialist are found in pakistan and this trend has followed from indo pak also after the separation.This trend is spreading day by day as media is also promoting it in drama serials plus people of pakistan are getting frustrated by the economic conditions and look for a quick relief to their problems.The more the people are believing in black magic the more people are claiming to be black magic specialist in pakistan But it would not be true that there are no genuine black magic services available but you need to be careful and selective whom you choose. 

love amal

amal for love

this is a very power full satanic spell to get your lover back but beware dont do it without premission

حب amal


یاابلیس یاشیطان میری شکل رابن انسان فلانی ول جا اودے دل وچ گھبراپا اونوںگھروں بھگالیایدی اتنا کام میراناکرےاپنی بھن بھانجی دی سیج تے جڑھےپھر بی نامنے تیری بات سو نا سکےدن تے رات آوےتاں چھٹےنی تا دل الے داپھوٹے۔۔تر کیب۔اکتالیس لونگ لے کرھرلونگ پراکتالیس مرتبا پڑھ کرآگ پر جلاے ۔پھرایک لونگ جلا کربحور صندل سرح دادیوے۔

for complete ritual and procedure 
contact us

To Kill The Animals Sifli spell

ھلا کت حیوانات

جس دشمن کے گھریلو دودھ دینے والے جانوروں مثلآگاے بھینس بکری وغیرہ کواس کے گھرسےآوارا کرنےاور دشمن کےنقصان کے لےاسکے جانوروں کو ھلاک کرناچاھے۔تو زوال قمر کے د نوں میں اتوار یا منگل کو جسس دن بھی بارش ھو۔بارش کے درمیان قبرستان میں جا کےچالیس دفع زیل کے کلمات پڑھو اورسات علحدہ علحدہ ایسی قبروں سےجو زمین بوس ھو کر گھڑے بن چکی ھو۔ان میں اکٹھا ہونے والا بارش کا پانی لےکر ایک جگا اکٹھا کر لے۔اور پھر جب موقع میلے تو اس پانی کو جب موقمع ملے جھاں پر دشمن جانور باندھتا ھے وھاں پر پھینک دے۔کچھ ہی دنوں میں دشمن کے تمام جانور محتلف بیماروں کا شیکار ھو جاے گے اور ھلاک ھو جاے گ

for ritual and amal contact me

black magic curse

دشمن کی دکن بندئ

جوشحص دشمن کو ضرر پحنچانے کے لے اسکا کامئکاج تباہ کرنا چاہے۔توقمرکےبرج عقرب میں ہونے پر سیسےکی ایک لوح تئارکرکےاسپرزیل کا طلسم کندہ کرے۔باداذاں اس لوح کوکسی نیلے کپڑے میں لپیٹ کے دشمن کی دکان یاکاروباری جگا پر دبا دو۔اس لوح کےنحس اثرات کے سبب دشمن کی  دکان کے قریب   کوئئ گاھک وغیرہ بیلکل بھی نھیں آے گا۔اسکے رشتےدار دوست احباب اور شناسا لوگ بھی اس کی دکان کے قریب سےنظریں چراکر گزجاے گے۔

you can contact me for black magic curse,amulet,tilisam which is a very powerful
to destroy your enemy

Love Amal

love amal for lovers that works

this is a very strong amal for love and the best ritual to get your lover back in one day,this amal is for lovers and has been tested by lot of people for love ,the best thing about this love amal is that it can bring your lover
back in 24 hours but can be done by a person for him self not for others.

ingredients for love amal

  • jund or jundi (a wood ) you need 6 -7-kg
  • agarbati(incense)
  • a pot of mud
  • matchbox or lighter
  • papers
  • picture of the target
  • name and her/his mothers name

amal for loverslove mantra

das mata das pita das beer battal aur re kali nagni flani ko ga laag jese kari kaman ka teer jese bundooq ke goli jab tak dheke hamra mukh tab tak na pi chain o sukh......................

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taskheere-e-mokal yani hamzad jis ko aksar log mokal ka name bhi dete han ,this is a ritual to capture

a dead's one hamzad Satan .

              یہ عمل ٢١ دن کا ہیی۔ اور اس میں پرہیز جلالی شرط ہے ۔ کسی اسے  آدمی کئ قبر تلاش کرےجس کے نام اور اُس کی والدہ کے نام سے آپ واقف ہو اچھی طرح بعد نماز عشاہء  روزانہ تازہ غسل لے کر پاک صاف کپڑے پہن کر قبر کے برابر میں بیٹھ جاہیں دوزانو ہو کر بیٹھ جا ہیں ۔اور اپنا رُخ مغرب کی طرف کر لے سب سے پہلے ٢١ دفعہ درود تاج  پڑھیں ۔  اس کے بعد ١٠٠ دفعہ یہ پڑھیں        (یا حنا ن  یا منان ان اللہ علےکل منئ قدیر سحرہ ھمزاد فلاں ابن فلان یا حہی یا قیوم لا الہ الا انت سبحنک  انی کنت من اللعمین)  فلان ابن فلان کی جگہ صا حب قبر کا نام اور اُس کی ماں کا نام لیں ۔ ایک ہفتے کے بعد کچھ ڈراؤنے چہرے نظر آیئں  گے ۔ آپ با کل   نہ ڈریں ۔  آپنے دل کو مضبوط رکھیں  ۔ ٢١ویں روز انشاء اللہ  ہمزاد حا ضر ہو کر  تابع ہو جائے گا

black magic spell to destroy you enemy

black magic curse

دشمن کو تباہ و برباد کرنا

this is an ancient method to destroy your enemy and is known as black magic tilisam .in black magic curses this is a very powerful death spell or tilisam
which can destroy  your enemy and is also known
as owl magic for death

instructions for preforming black magic death ritual:

get an owl at the beginning of a new month and feed him with (hud hud) a bird,meat and instead of water give him whiskey till 40 days and at last day
sacrifice him at zawal before mag rib prayers and mix the blood with bitter oil and burn it till it becomes ashes ,now if this is given to anyone in food or drink the enemy will be destroyed for ever.



تسخیر ابلیس



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black magic removal

How To Remove Black Magic

you might have come here if you are a victim of black magic and have an symptoms which has been 

discussed before in my post then 

you have come to the right place.the first  thing you have to understand is that you have to be 

diagnosed before any treatment that weather you are suffering from black magic or not,second 

what kind of black magic are you suffering from ,many people ask that can black magic be removed ?

yes cure to black magic is there.

How To Check That You Have Been Cursed By Black Magic 

free black magic removal :(check)

first take a glass of water and put it in front of you ,be sure to take a fresh bath before that ,

then sit facing towards Kaaba and recite following Surat's of quran  in the following manner.

1) one time druid sharif  and blow in the water

2)10 times sura fatiha and blow in water

3)10 -10 times last four quals and blow 4 times in water

4)10 times ayatul kursi and blow it in water

5)1 time again druid sharif and blow in water

symptoms of black magic

drink the water ,if the taste of water is sour or tastes bad then you are victim of black magic

and if water taste is normal then you have some medical problem not magic.

Free Black Magic Removal 

now when it is confirmed that you are a victim of black magic curse,or black magic spells,voodo spells

death spell then use the following method to completely remove the black magic:

first decide one time and one place after isha prayer and recite sura jinn 3 times and create a protection

circle with a knife or a stick .now recite sura baqara one time and as you read each of the page blow

it in a 1 liter water bottle kept before with you .now when you finish this process sprinkle little water

on each four sides right,left,front,back and you are done now you can stand up and use that water

while drinking cocking bathing till next day .repeat this procedure till 21 days and you will be free

from any kind of magic, black magic,hexes,or curses.

if you have any questions email me at 



taweez for love marriage

taweez is a form of energies which are converted into a tlisam and capturedinto some sort of  physical amulet so called the taweez .there are many factors which should be considered 
before writing the taweez and make it work ,either it is taweez for love taweez for wealth or marriage or 
even to kill an enemy,just copying the tilisam from the book and writing it wont make it work 

To make a taweez work one should consider the hours of moon and the sun phases and shall have
full command over the study of moon phases and the 24 divisions of different position of the ruling
stars ,plus the power of concentration and will behind when the taweez is written ,other thing that
should be considered is that with what material the tilisam is written with ,like if its love tilisam it should be
written with saffron and if its an amulet for death it should me written with coal and lime and other materials
like black pepper nails kind of stuff used in it.
now here is the love taweez it has to be written on new moons first Sunday after the sun rise with saffron
and a pen made from the wood of sandal tree or any sweet fruit bearing tree with your face towards 
Kaaba and your love taweez guarantee works.


taweez for love

love taweez

this is the best  love taweez for lovers or to get your lost love back ,in cases of the love problems ,if

your lover has left you or you want some one to love you ,it is a quiet simple love tilisam and very easy

to write once you understand it .it benefits both the lover and the loved one so the people who are in 

love with any one and the other person does not listen to him/her or ignorance is there this is a very 

powerful love amulet and is very easy and simple to use as a love remedy ,so i personally suggest 

this one a master piece.

a love tilisam or amulet after it is written must be charged with some energies in order to preform 

and time and sun and moon factor consideration can make the love taweez work perfectly but

one thing one must be 100 percent sure that his/her love bindings will work as i will mot shall be 

should be the formula behind this and any tilisam you are writing

taweez for love

taweez for wealth-powerful taweez

powerful taweez for wealth-money:

allama boni likhte han ke is taweez me bohat ziada taskheer aur paise ka jadoo ha,is taweez ko jumme ke din juma ke namaz ke foren baad  zaffran o gulab se likhe aur gale me daal le to buhat se fawaid hasil hon ge.:write this tilisam taweez after jumma prayer with saffron and rose water and put  it in your right arm.allama boni says it has a great and yet most powerful tawiz for wealth and money.

taweez for buisness-money:rizq

is tawiz ko saaet mushtary me likh ker dain bazo per band len aur ya pher apni dukan ke ander frame ker ke laga len taskeere khaliq buhat ziada ho ge aur her kisam ke bandish ka khatam ho ji ga.
:write this tawveez on sunday in saat of mushtry and place it in your shop get it framed and you will have lot of coustomers.

powerful tawiz for money:

jo koi ye chai ke us ke jeb khabi khale na ho to wo is taweez ko zaffran o sandal se likh ker apne sundooq ya almare me rakh le jhan wo apne payse rakhta ho.:if anybody wants that his money never finishes then he should write this taveez with saffron and sandal and put it in his pocket or his safe where he puts the money.

taweez for goodluck:

ye taweez budh ke din sandal aur uood se likhe aur daien bazo per band le ye her kisim ke kamyabi ye lie mujaraj ha.:this taweez is very effective for goodluck and travelling and for safty .it brings alot of good fortune to the bearer.write it on wednesday with sandal and uoodh and  wear it on your right arm.

taweez for job:

jis shaks ko nokery na milty ho wo ye tawiz jummerat ke din isha ki namaz ke baad sandal aur zaffran o rehan se likhe aur is per 1100 martaba 
fathia pher ker dum kere to foren buhat j ka ald us ke nokery ka bundobast ho ji ga.
:if some body is jobless he should write this taweez on thursday after isha prayer with saffron sandal and rehan and read sura fatiha times and wear it on his right arm will get a job very soon.

arabic taweez for wealth:rizq

ye taveez sura nasar ka ha jo rizq ke lie bemisal ha is ko zaffran se likhe aur dukan me frame ker ke amezan kere dushman ke nazar bad se bhi bacha rahe ga aur maal bhi khub aye ga.:this tilisam amulet is for attracting wealth and money and protection from eveil eye.

taweez for rizq:

ye taweez rizq ki lie buhat mufeed ha,is taweez ko likhe aur loban ke dhoni de ker bazo per bandh le,inshalla rizq ki kami nahi ho ge.:this taweez is for wealth and money ,write it down and purify it with lobans incense and wear it.

taweez in quran:

ye qurani taweez rizq ke lie bemisal ha is ko juma ki din fajar ke foren baad abe zam zam se zafran ke sahi se likhe aur gale me latka le.
:this taweez is powerful for wealth attraction ,write it on friday with abe zam zam the holy water and wear it in your neck.


ritual of lilith

Ritual Of Lilith (goddess of love &lust)

                           CLICK HERE FOR RITUAL



*For people who have had problems in getting a Demon to appear, click on the link at the bottom of the page
The most important thing you can do is forget everything you have been taught about Demons from sources that are hostile to Satanism.There is nothing but misinformation from most of the readily available and most popular writings. Following the instructions written in most grimoires is not only wrong, but can be very dangerous.My own experience with various Demons is that they are very proud and being respectful is very important.Recently, several 



taweez amliyat-amaliyat

taweez Hazraat Ke Amaal Ke Adaab:

1.Wo loug jo hazraat ke amal karna chahtay hain unko chaea ke lazmi tour per every thursday kicy b methi sheh per arwah ke naam ki fatiha dilwa kr bachoun mein bant dein..2.Bazurgoun ka kehna hai on every thursday 121 rohein hazer hoti hain aur ager kisy bh rooh ko apka koi amal pasand ajae tu apke pass hazir ho jati hai aur apki har pareshani aur mushkil solve kr deti hai aur ye sb se azmaya hua hai..3.Hazraat ke amil ko chahea ke wo har thursday ko Bazurgane deen ke mazar pe hazri dena yaqeeni bna..4.Amil ager khud hazraat ke amal ka tajurba karna chahta tu ucko muqara waqt maghrib se half hour pehlay kry uc waqt tamaam rohaaniyet munjamid tasuwer kiya jata ye hazraat ka khaas waqt hai 5.lazmi tour per hazraatke waqt akela aur tanha boht zarori hai ager aesa mumkin na ho tu koshish kray ke boht kam loug hun uc jaga per kyun ke bazurgoun ki rohein shour wegera bilkul pasand ni krti aur ye unki narazgi ka sabab bnti hain6.Ye baat bh zarori hai jab tak amil Hazraat mein Qamil na ho jae usay kicy bh Sahil ke ghar ja ker hazri denay ki zarorat ni hai ni tu ucko boht pareshani othani paray gi 7.Amil ko ager Jinaat ko qabu krna ni ata hai aur wo uc mein maharat na rakhta ho tu ucay yun gharoun mein ja kar kicy sourat b amal ni krna chaea jahan jinaat ka dera ho..uc se ucko shadeed nuqsan ho sakta hai..ucke elava wo un logoun per b hazri na kary jo saya ya jinaat se ghiray huay hun 8.Ic baat ka bh dehaan Rakhna chaea shadeed zarorat ke peshay nazar hi hazri krni chaea na keh kicy shugal ya khail tamashay ke liya kyun ko wo nuqsan bh otha sakta hai 9.Zakaat ada karay aur tajurbay ke tour per kicy bnday per wo hazri kray uc pe hazri ho gi chahay wo uc per 100 bar bh aik din mein hazri kry ho g..10.yaad rahay ager kicy aik per hazri na ho tu aesay mein amal ko farzi ya ghalat tasuwar nahi krna chaea balkay bar barhazri ki mashq kry ..kyun ke ye bh hai ke jic per ap hazri kr rahay hun uc pe hazri mumkin hi na ye na sochein ke apke amal mein tasur ni hai 11.Ye bh yaad rakhna zarori hai ke aesay maqamat ya ghar jahan kicy bh ghair tabi mout ya death hui ho wahan aesa amal hargiz mat krein ..ic se muraad jahan koi suicide ya qatal hua ho etc12.Amil ko chaea ke chori,qatal ya dosray kicy ghair ikhlaqi kaam ka liya kicy ki help na karay matlb uc ke liya hazri na karay..uc mein amil hi ki bhalai hai.13.Ehtiyaat se kaam lein doraan-e taweez hazri kicy bh aesay bnday ko na beithnay dein jic pe apko shaq ya yaqeen ho ke uc per jinaat ya rooh honay ka saya ho 14.Aik bat jo ke boht zarori hai wo ye hai ke dorran-e hazraat jo boht mushahidat hai ke amil jo bh krna chah ra ho uc ka wo kicy se bh ziker na karay warna nuqsan othaye ga..15.Somtimes yun b hota hai ke Amil zarorat se ziada over confidence ho ker bazurgoun ki rohein samnay ayein aur amil ki bat manein ic tarah krnay se rohein naraz ho jati hain.Yaqeen rakhna chaea ke jab bh bazurgoun ki rooh khush hoti tu har cheex pata lagay bagair hoti chali jati hai.. bus amil apna yaqeen qamil rakhay mayoos na ho16.Somtimes aesa bh mumqin hai ke koi bazurg ye bh kehta hazir honay ke baad ke wo apke pass hi rehna chahta hai tu aesay lucky amil ko chaea ke wo apnay ghar mein koi maksoos room talash kr ley aur uc room ko achi tarah saaf krwa le wahan saaf dari ya chatai bichae ager mumkin ho tu qaleen bechae aur uc puray kaam ko apnay liya lucky manay aur har thursday ko charagh aur khushbu ke liya agerbati jalae 17.Apnay apko saleh kamoun mein busy rakhein aur yaad rakhein ke hazri jb ho jae tu uc se prize bond ya ghair sharae kaam na pochein nuqsan ho ga..uc se dobara hazraat ni hun gy 18.Akser bachun ke waldeein ko ic bat ka dar hota hai ke hazri se un ke bachun ko koi nuqsan ho ga tu amil ko chaea ke wo un ko yaqeen dilae ke bazurgoun ki roohein hazir hoti so darnay ki zaroorat ni hai aur doraan-e hazri bachay ke ird gird koi hisaar ki bh zarorat ni hai 19.Ye bh haqeeqat hai ke doraan-e hazri mamool ke sir aur ankhein shadeed tareen wazan mehsoos krti hain..mtlb sir dard hota hai.. aesa har mamool ke sath doraan-e hazri zaroor hota hai..ic liya yaqeen kr lein ager aesa ho tu kicy bh qisam ka khouf na khaein .. ye sb hazri khtam honay ke baad dour ho jati hai 20. Hazri se pehlay kuch nishaniyan hai jo deikhai deti hain..jesa keh sir ka bhari hona demgh sun hona ..ankhoun ke samny bijli jesi chamak dekhai dena ager ye alamaat nazar na ayein kicy per hazri krty tu yaqeen kr lein uc per hazri ni ho gi aur apna waqt zaya mat krein aur na hi logoun ke samny khud ko tamasha bnaein21.Ye lazmi deikhna chaea ke bachay hazri hazri ke liya zehni tour per tayar hain ke ni ager ni tayar tu hazri ka amal na krein kyun ke un ka zehan kahein aur taraf janay se hazri ni ho gi..aur hazri ke liya zarori hai ke wo aik jaga rahy 22.Ager hazri se qabal ap bachay ke galay mein taveez deikhein tu utar lein warna hazri ni ho gi.23.Ye bh zarori hai ke jic tarah se bh hazri ki jae uc se amil puri tarah waqif ho aur amil ka talafuz aur kalmat ka bolna theik ho24. Ye lazmi hai ke jis kamray mein wo hazri krna chahta ho wo bilkul saaf ho aur uc mein koi gunah na hua ho aur na hota ho tak ke koi cegret bh na peta ho aur na hi tv chalta ho sharab aur zina dour ki baat hai25.Hazri walay kamray mein mein aesa calender ya tasveer b na ho jo fehesh ho.26.Hazri ke waqt koi b bnda cegret na piya.27.Hazri ke waqt uc aurat ko harghiz mat anay dein jo khaas ayaam mein ho ya aesi khatoon jic per jinaat lazim hun uc se nuqsan ho ga..28.Hazri ke liya sehat mand bacha aur khatoon ya mard hun aur ye yaqeen kr lein ke har tarah se sehat mand hai chahy jismani ya demaghi tour per ..bewaqoug aur ahmaq logoun per hazri bilkul na krein 29.taweez Kicy bh bachay ya aurat pe hazri mat krein jo sahi tarah deikh na sakty hun bheingy hunya masnooi ankh ho ya ankhoun ka nuqs ho ..ager nazar kamzoor hai tu koi harj ni 30.Ye yaqeen kr lein koi bh mard ya aurat uc mehfil-e hazri mein aesi na ho jic ghussal janabat farz hai,ic tarah mehfil se ziada amil ko nuqsan ho ga 31.taweez Hazraat mein tosha ki bh aik shart hoti hai muaqalein ka sadqa hai ..jin se hazraat mein tosha ki shart ho un se tosha diya bagair hazri na kre warna mayoosi ho gi   

kala jadu taweez-taweezat

kala ilm tawiz-taweezat:

kalajadu ke taweezat wo han jin me shayatan se madad le jati ha ya pher  me likha un ko napaki ke halat me likha jata ha.
:black magic taweezat are those which are writen in an impure state and is done with the help od satanic demons and spirits.

1)for love and lust:

ye kala jadu ka tawiz aflatoon jadoger se mansoob ha aur is ka tareeqa ye ha ke is ko flita bna ker 7 din tak chambali ke oil me die me jalie aur rooz thoori der is ke samne bheta rahe per shart ye ha ke chargh 7 din tak musalsal jlta rahe aur bujhe na.
:this is a black magic tilisam for love and lust and pull your lover back ,burn this in a lamp with jasmine oil and it should continuously burn for seven days and you should sit in front of it for15 minutes daily.

2)for lost love kala ilm tawiz:

is tilisam ko likhe aur kali murge ke ande me dal ker upper se sabat kali mirch bhar de aur aag per
rakh de jab taweez ko garmi paunche ge to mehboob beqarar ho ker hazer ho ji ga

:this is a very powerful tilisam for love and lust and get your lover back ,this has to be written and then put in an egg of black hen.then the egg shall be filled with black peper and coverd with mud to close the hole with the mud .put the egg in a mud pot near the fire .it will cause a burning love in your lovers heart.

for attracting for your lover 

ye naqush kale ilm o jadu k qadeem naqush ha is ko kagaz per likhe aur kisi phaldar dhrakht ke saath
band de ta ke hawa se hilta rahe.mehboob beqrar
ho ker hazer ho ji ga.
:write this tlisam on a paper and bind it with wax and then put it on some fruitful tree so it shall be free to move with the will for sure bring your lover back to you.

satanic taveez for lust:
the details can be obtained by is very effective taweeez to bring your love back in 24 hours.