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The word Amil is derived from the word amal which means worker, striver. “one who is hopeful .This word is most commonly used in the world of spirituality and black magic.The amil is a person who cast rituals by spirits or perform black magic by demons and jinns by act of amal or amliyat.These people in the region of asia are known as amil or amil baba.Amil baba are spell casters which are more specialized and of old age.

The region of South Asia is populated with amil and amil baba who claim to be spiritual healers or black magicians divided into two categories. The spiritual amil claim that they use the powers of quran and uses quranic verses to control the good angels and spirits to work for them.On the other hand the second type of amil baba claim to have satanic black magic powers and they use different tlisams to invoke and command satanic demons and jinns.

But the truth is that out 99% people claiming to be amil are fake and don't know abc of amliyat.This is because people of south asia are so foolish that without inquiring that a person is capable of performing the art gives him their precious saving.The other fact is that they do not realize that amil is like a spiritual doctor who can try his best to achieve the given task but he is not a god and in quran god has clearly said that black magic only effect a person if i want.So in my opnion one shall find a good doctor or in otherwords spiritual doctor known as amil or amil baba.

Now the question is how to know whether the person claiming to be an amil or amil baba is genuine or not? To find out whether the person is genuine one shall first ask him how much educated is he?Look this is an art and to learn this art one shall have knowledge as knowledge is power and how come an illiterate person can claim to be a spiritual healer or a magician.The people of south asia thinks that a person who is disguised like an amil and says he can command spirits is genuine without inquiring whether he can do something or not.   

Images of fake advertisement by amil and amil baba
All these advertisement images are fake and they will ask you for more money once you have paid them.They will tell you that their demons want meat sadqas or there is some rukawat ,now once you are trapped they will demand more money .Dont pay a single penny more to amil or amil baba if he demands more after taking the initial charges beaware!!!. . Plus all the images given below are the first hint of fraud and fake aamils .

Dont pay again once you have paid or you will loose all your money

The biggest lie that a fake amil can be caught by is that when you will call him he will claim a 100% guarantee and the work to be done in 2 minutes 2 hours or 2 days and name it as amil of dhaya the fraud people are not aware off. He will ask for a huge amount above 500 us dollars as he will say that i will do your work in 2 hours lol what a stupidity.The genuine person will give you a 90% guarantee of black magic work   and will give you 100% guarantee that he would sincerely work on your case.So be careful while you select amil or amil baba  or the people claiming to be black magic specialist for your spiritual or satanic work.  

warning for sex abuse by fake amil
The other thing which girls shall be aware of that fake and fraud amil and amil baba tell them to send their nude pics with tilisams written on the body in order to fulfil their own personal list.Some even tell them to have sex with them as they claim they have to perform this satanic activity for black magic powers which is all fake bullshit .So don't listen to these fake people.

I have provided this information with best of my knowledge and after reading this if people you still get trapped by those foolish people claiming to be black magicians lol you have to blame yourself not them.

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