how to contact satan

f you want to make a contract with the devil, first trim your finger
nails as close as
you possibly can. Take a black cat bone and a guitar and go to
a lonely fork in the roads at midnight
. Sit down there and play your best
piece, thinking of and wishing for the devil all the while. By and by you will
hear music, dim at first but growing louder and louder as the music
approaches nearer. After a time you feel something tugging at your
instrument. Let the devil take it and keep thumping along with your fingers as
if you still had a guitar in your hand
s. Then the devil will hand you his
instrument to play and will accompany
you on yours. After doing this for a
time he will seize your fingers and trim
the nails until they bleed, finally taking
his guitar back and returning your own.
Keep on playing; do not look around.
His music will become fainter and fainte
r as he moves away. You will be able
to play any piece you desire on the guitar and you can do anything you want
to in the world, but you have sold your eternal soul to the devil and are his in
the world to come.
From Newbell Puckett's "Folk Beliefs of the Southern Negro" (University of
North Carolina Press, 1926; reprin
ted by Patterson Smith, 1968)