kali devi original mantra and ritual

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kali devi is a very powerful goddess and of jinns of black path she has all the powers one can imagine .                                               

step 1

on Tuesday night buy a black goat and go by river or where water is in flow and chant the mantra
given below 21 times and sacrifice in name of goddess kali.and until u reach home keep on chanting
the mantra.

step 2

on the same night get a statue or pic of kali devi and place it in front of u in ur ritual room
burn good incense and  after u chant the mantra for 101 time sprinkle whiskey on the burning
coal prepared before .u have to recite the mantra for 313 times for 40 nights in ur ritual room
where no body else comes in.also burn a chirag or a lamp of sarson oil with rose oil perfume

step 3

no protection circle is needed but if u got faint or afraid during ritual ur gone ok.so first
prepare your mind ,u will see presence of kali devi or fell her being there after 40 days
u can ask her for any favor but u have to give her a sacrifice every time u ask a favour
a very loving and friendly jinni goddess .

(shere oom namah chum chum kali mata sawaha adam sudham fahraneeg kali devi sultan

 jo me kho wo ker ke li che che swaha)



u can do it on ur own or if u want my guidance throughout the ritual ill charge 10,000 .rs

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