lilith the goddess



only for adults

alright first of all to mention to all of you, this ritual that is about to be posted here is only meant for
adults. not a single soul who is underage is supposed to practice this. this is not an advise but a WARNING!

This ritual is pretty much easy to proceed but very difficult on the after math. It is the invocation of lilith/ or Visiting lilith Ritual. It is extremely dangerous and only done by who has their desire as hard as stone. Now first of all what is needed to know that lilith is the mother of all vampirism, she founded Vampirsm on earth and all the credit of vampires goes back to her. She was the first vampire and only those who are lucky enough are turned by her.

Lilith isn't the only one to be considered as a vamp but also a succubi. She a sex goddess and when she is invoke or you are taken to her, you might be demanded to have sex with her or any one of her servant. Therefore
it is required before you attempt this ritual is to have Sex with your partner, whether a boy to have with his girl or the other way around. Now if the person is single or couldn't have sex, he or she is supposed then to practice any sexual act before the attempt of the ritual. This is one of the reasons to why this ritual is only for adult. No one should attempt it without this, it is a complete waste of time or horrible failure then. Any act where it result on ejecting sexual body fluids counts, for example masturbation.

So after this is done, which is between midnight and 3 am, you should head to the bathroom and turn the lights off. And enchant the following

I invoke you, mother of the darkness!
I invoke you, mother of the night!
Let your angels of inspiration open my heart,
Let your angels of courage fly inside.
I shall make a golden cradle
To make a place for courage.
I shall make a place for courage.
I shall make a golden fire
To warm courage inside.
I shall put my hands in your lap
For you to bless and use.
I shall put my heart in your lap
To be caressed by your blessing hands.
To grow courageous with your use
To put high purpose in my heart.
Inanna, Lady of the evening star,
Inanna, Lady of the morning star,
Study my words.
May courage dwell inside my soul.
As you have dwelt in the Great Above.
May courage dwell my soul.
As you have dwelt in the Great Below.
May courage dwell in my soul and in my destiny.
Make it so.
Make it so.
Make it so.

Then you say


and keep on repeating these words infront of a mirror
13 times

not loudly and not quietly fair toned voice volume is okay.

Now there are two parts for this ritual, depending on the results.
If by then something took place after the finishing of this part, its good.
But if not, it is better.

If something happened, means you will witness Liliths Lamia, lilith's daughters, who shall attend to take you to her.

If nothing happened it is even better.

After repeating

shem ham forash, for 13 times, you say

and i shall be waiting

and go to bed immediately. You dont shower after sex you dont drink or eat, you go directly to bed.
Now you attend and wait during the night what shall happen during your sleep.
Now results are 95 percent guaranteed but who knows.

Now if nothing happens at night, the next part of the ritual is supposed to take place.

So next night you also must have a sexual practice again, like the last time. And then go to a room where you are all alone, when you are very exhausted and sleepy. Now there you must have only one thing in addition to the things you did last time. You lay or preferably sit in a comfortable position in bed, with darkness all around and you chant what was mentioned above.

Now you must have Liliths sigil with you. Have the only light focused upon the sigil. Darkness must be around but the only light is pointed onto the sigil and you stare upon it. And that would be it you simple stare upon the ritual, until you taken away.
And this would happen a 100%.

Now during your visit to Lilith, your offering is Semen and blood. And for the two things no much info to be applied.
So obedience and bravery are the only two rules for this ritual.

Good luck.

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