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Black magic specialist in pakistan

Black magic specialist in pakistan:

In pakistan large number of people believe in black magic and often look for it as a solution to their problems.The trend and believe in magic is growing day by day as people believe that  black magic and satanic forces are the most powerful and they will get their desire come true for sure.As the demand for magic is increasing ,the mumber of people claiming to be specialist in magic is also increasing day by day leading to fake people who are grabbing money from people and misleading them without any results.But the strange thing is that people in Pakistan give their presious savings to these people without inquiring weather they know something or not and without getting the knowledge that weather the person they are visiting or hiring for their work knows anything or not and what is his background.Thus they suffer from mental and financial loss.So no one to blame but the people their self for their foolishness.There are some genuine black magic specialist in Pakistan but very few and hard to find and its hard to find expert black magic services.


The culture of black magic is very old before partition of Pakistan and also have the influence of Indian culture of mantras and   different gods for getting the desired wishes come true.So this clulture and beliefs grew stronger and stronger day by day and people started to take help of black magic when their wishes were not being fulfiled by prayers and duas.The other big factor in growth of black magic practice are the desguised form of sufism and mazars where people go and ask dead people for fulfilment of their needs.They get wristbands made of thread and belive that it will grant them their wishes.They also get other different karas bands made of steel for the same pourpose.All these things lead to disbeleif in allah and promotes black magic practices in pakistan.And mostly people started to find black magic services for solutions to their problems.

Reality Of Black Magic:

This is a materialistic world and since the birth of mankind there have been two types of forces good and evil in the spiritual world.
Good forces are the forces which are associated with angles and are raised through praying to god and verses from his book but on the other hand side negative or  black mass forces are brought into power by negative energies and by worshiping lord satan.Black magic is used both for love and hate,posotive and negitive things can be done by black magic and satanic forces helps a person very quickly.

As the god is above the 7 heavens and the skies and the system of light and angles are working accordingly vice versa the flawless kingdom of satan lies over the river and he commands his army from there.So the black magic specialist do the dark rituals to conjure the master satan in order to take favours from the satanic jinns in order to perform the black magic.The power of black magic comes into power when a human and jinn works together.

Black magic is used for both the positive and negative tasks by the black magic specialist for himself or for the people coming to him for their desires and wishes come true.For this purpose the person who wants to do black magic has to worship satan and ask him to give him power of black magic and jinns.He also have to sacrifice in the name of satan as muslims spiritual healers sacrifice in the name of god.So its wrong to say that black magic is a negitive art and used to destroy people.It can also be used for good pourposes.like gaining wealth love money prosperity and happiness.

On the other hand black magic can also cause terrible destruction of a person by making him sick ,taking his wealth away,divorce of married couples,permanent disability and even killing a person to death.Black magic is done by jinns and unseen creatures so a person affected can not find the cause of his illness and destruction and can lead to a unknown death.

Can Black Magic Effect Any One?
Lot of people ask that can anyone be effected by black magic ?The answers is yes but it effects each person in a different way and for the quick reference our prophet p.b.u.h ,if he can be effected and be a victim of black magic then we can realize the fact that any one can be a victim but on different levels.So if you feel any symptoms of black magic you shall immediately take help of the black magic specialist or proffesional black magic services.

Types of black magic practiced in pakistan 

1.kala jadu magic

2.sifli jadoo magic

3.Black Magic Taweez

Popular cities of pakistan where black magic is practiced

1.Lahore    6.Muzaffarabad
2.Karachi   7.Balochistan
3.multan     8.Hunza Gilgit
4.jehlum     9.Haripur
5.sawat       10.Kalam

Popular terms used for black magic specialist in pakistan


.Amil Baba

.Peer ji

.Black magic specialist

.Molvi jee\


Various ways of advertizment of black magic in pakistan

. newspaper advertisement
. Phamlets 
 .word of mouth

So infact lot of black magic specialist are found in pakistan and this trend has followed from indo pak also after the separation.This trend is spreading day by day as media is also promoting it in drama serials plus people of pakistan are getting frustrated by the economic conditions and look for a quick relief to their problems.The more the people are believing in black magic the more people are claiming to be black magic specialist in pakistan But it would not be true that there are no genuine black magic services available but you need to be careful and selective whom you choose.