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venus love tilisam

fold once
fold once
In the spirit of approaching Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d offer something for those looking for love.  A Planetary Love Talisman of Venus!   Few things in life are as subject to the whim of fate or chance as finding love.  When trying to find someone special, there is always the element of chance involved.  To be at the right place at the right time and then say the right thing…is there a way to gain some advantage over this element of chance?  Possibly.
I don’t present something new, but something old…very old…the power of talismans.  Above is a talisman I put togehter.  Talismans are symbolic objects that are imbued with spiritual force to work towards a specific task.  What is our goal?  Do we wish to gain the love of a specific individual?  Or do we wish the Universe to find us love?  Each requires a different approach. 
fold twice
fold twice
Our first step is to print out the image at the top (right click and print).   Then we cut out the square and fold it along the lines as shown.  This will be our talisman.
Next we need to create a sigil, which is a pictorial symbol of a name.  This Talisman has the numerical square of Venus on it.   Using numerology, we will give a numerical value to each letter of a name.   Then draw lines connecting the numbers related to the letters on this square.  I have provided an example of my own name David…D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9, D=4 .  If we want the love of a specific individual, then we will draw their name/sigil on the talisman.  If we want the Universe to decide, then we will draw our own name.
Copper is the metal that symbolizes Venus.  I would put a copper penny in one of the sleeves when folded, and then paste it shut.  Only use a copper
David Sigil
David Sigil
penny from 1981 or earlier.   Pennies from 1982 or later are made of zinc and should not be used.  I suggest the date of the penny should be the birthday of the name on the talisman.  If the birthday is after 1981, use numerology to match the name with a date.  The process of finding this coin is part of the process of creating the talisman and of focusing our intent.
Hold the completed talisman and pour our conviction, our knowing, that the Universe will work to our favor and let this object symbolize our intentions.   A talisman is a tool very similar to the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction suggests the use of a vision board where photos of our goals are pinned on a board to reinforce the process of visualization and focused desire.  It is not hoping, or wanting, but an act of knowing, of faith, that the desire will come to pass.
The power of this talisman works best when it is used to focus on our own self-improvement and not on other people.  Our goal should be to love our self first.  If we don’t love our self, why should another love us?  If we let past events, or bitterness, or a bad attitude rule us, we will attract that in return.  The goal is to be happy with one’s self, and try to be the best possible person we can be.  If we attain that, others will naturally be attracted to our newfound charisma.   Use the talisman as the tool to focus on self-improvement, and we will find the world will be drawn to us.  The trick to finding love really is to love one’s self first.
Sigil for the name Victoria